Grande Vista Concept

A new type of experience, combining wonderful nature, luxury, eco food, tourism, hospitality and personal treatment for guests. This is a five-star elegant jewel Grande Vista resort & spa, located on the shores of the Batak Dam in the resort of Tsigov Chark. The concept of this unique Family Resort is based on the stunning beauty and crystal clear air of the Rhodope Mountains, complemented by the breathtaking views of the water mirror – Batak Dam.

You won’t just get a room or an apartment here. Here we will give you trust, coziness, tranquility and memorable moments seasoned with warm hospitality. The sun’s rays will enter through the window and wake you up with the promise of a wonderful and inspiring morning, and the beauty of the sunset gently touching the expanse of water will leave you breathless. Come discover the Rhodope Mountains – beautiful, mysterious and magical at Grande Vista resort & spa – a complete combination of body and soul care amidst the magic of nature and refined luxury.



Time has stopped for beauty, tranquility, and relaxation at the 1200 square meter Gaia Spa. You can get massages at the spa. It features water beds, a wellness center, hammam, saunas, and hot tubs with views of the lake. There is a well-equipped, contemporary gym available for those who do not want to miss their workouts. An outdoor swimming pool with emerald waters that give the impression of infinity is situated among lovely flowering shrubs and a lush lawn.

The breathtaking views of the Rhodope Mountains will enchant you as you swim. A true sense of pleasure and bliss will fill your soul: the cool breeze, the murmur of the water, the bird songs, and the soft, calming music. Enjoy year-round relaxation in the heated indoor pool and expansive jacuzzis, which provide breathtaking views of the lake and mountains.


The Grande Vista resort & spa’s interior design solutions are extremely flexible in their adherence to the concept of spaciousness. In addition to offering ample personal space for each individual, they offer spacious communal areas for people seeking shared experiences. This instills in visitors a sense of discretion, privacy, and trust. All the conveniences that are required are available here, enabling visitors to interact, unwind, and enjoy themselves as well as hold private meetings, chats, and events. Visitors have a great chance to socialize because of the ease and comfort, the sensation of space, and the togetherness. There are also several nooks where visitors can take advantage of seclusion in a classy and comfortable environment. A few of the nice spots for informal get-togethers and discussions are the spa bar, lobby bar, and whiskey bar. Weddings, private parties, and business gatherings can be held at the Grande Vista resort & spa.


Majestic views may be seen from the panoramic terrace of the Grande Vista Lounge Bar. You’ll be astounded by the singular images that appear before your eyes. Grande Vista Lounge Bar provides outstanding service, meticulous attention to detail, and a personalized touch for each and every visitor.


Grande Vista resort & spa is a true 5-star gem among the hotels in Tsigov Chark. The resort offers camping opportunities, guest houses and small neat family hotels. This makes it possible to meet friends who enjoy different forms of tourism in addition to the luxury and peace that Grande Vista resort & spa has to offer.



The Rhodope Mountains shelter the Grande Vista resort & spa in their majestic and warm embrace, and before the guests’ eyes looms Mount Syutka, which holds the secrets of thousands of years of history. The sun caresses the tranquil curves of the hills and lush green meadows, and the scent of pine, resin and pinecones lingers in the air.


The view of Batak Dam is idyllic. The water moves calmly, gently and smoothly and washes away thoughts of stress and tension. From the moment your entrance, Grande Vista resort & spa grabs you with its exceptional ambience – an eclectic mix of vintage, classic, boutique and modern. Designer flair and opulent service are simply the tip of an immense pleasure experience offered here. In the middle of elegance, comfort, and breathtaking surroundings, guests are always assured wonderful and unforgettable experiences.


The Grande Vista resort and spa features a mix of natural elements in its design. This enables visitors to feel as though they are not visiting for the first time and offers them a sense of ease and friendliness. The cool majesty of the stone is warmed by the wood, and the peace and tranquility that we so much need in our busy everyday lives fill our senses.


Grande Vista resort & spa is situated in a unique natural setting with unparalleled views, in an area of breeze with high ionization and with the proven cleanest air in Bulgaria. Summers are cool and pleasant, making the area an attractive mountain resort. A characteristic phenomenon in this area is the south wind, called by the local population “white wind”. It has an advantage over many national resorts in terms of its bioclimatic prerequisites, such as the low level of fog, the low wind speed, the high concentration of negative aeroions, the seasonal presence of phytoncides and biologically active compounds in the air, and the absence of industrial pollutants in the area.

The region’s natural features are breathtaking. Negative aeroions, or “air vitamins,” are highly concentrated in the area and can boost essential processes even after just 20 minutes of exposure. With its pristine surroundings, breathtaking vistas, and the purest air in Bulgaria, this is the perfect spot to unwind. And finally, let us recall the Latin maxim: “Medicus curat, natura sanat!”, which translates as “Physicians cures while nature heals.!”