Mountain trekking

Tsigov Chark is a magical place where the power of water and the beauty of nature merge into one. The area offers many opportunities for hiking and mountain walks. You can explore the marked eco-routes and trails and go on an unforgettable journey among the beautiful Rhodopes. Make sure to visit the Mantaritsa Biosphere Reserve, which is the guardian of the centuries-old coniferous forests.

Bikes for rent

Bikes for rent Cycling is a great way to explore the area around Grande Vista resort & spa. There are plenty of marked forest roads suitable for cycling. You can rent a bicycle and get your body moving amidst the wonderful scenery of the majestic Rhodope Mountains. Incredible views will take your breath away and leave a lasting memory in your heart.

Safari with jeep

If you want to challenge yourself, you can do it with a safari in Russian jeeps with professional guides. Treat yourself to a thrilling ride with your family, or bring your team together with a journey through the hidden corners of the mountains. Trace the path of the Thracians, dive into icy rivers, climb the highest peaks on extreme terrain.


Eco-camping "Batak" has the largest kayak sports base in the region, offering kayaks for rent on Batak Dam, Shiroka Polyana Dam, Golyam Beglik Dam and Dospat Dam. Kayaks are available from spring to autumn (from 15 May to 15 September). If you are a beginner, don't worry - you can take advantage of the kayak school, which is located on the Batak Dam.


For fishing enthusiasts, the Batak Dam is an attractive place during all seasons. There are numerous options for selecting good fishing locations and methods. The reservoir has an abundance of fish species, the most notable of which is the presence of carp fish. Perch, barbel, bream, chub, and catfish are the most common species at the moment.


Overcome the earth's pull with ease and find out what it feels like to levitate above the water using the water jet. Flyboarding is one of the most impressive water experiences. The ascent into the water is at a height of 10 meters and is done with the help of special boots and powerful water thrust. You can try a somersault and a dolphin-type dive.

Water skiing

If you're cold in winter, try waterskiing in summer. Have you heard of water skiing? Your vacation at Grande Vista resort & spa might be the best time to try it. During the activity, you'll have the opportunity to reach speeds of about 40 km/h, which feel like 140 km/h on land. Those who are bold enough can even perform jumps in the water.

Boat for rent

The boat rental adventure on the Batak Dam is suitable for everyone, without age or experience level restrictions. Step into the shoes of a captain and discover a new passion in speeding over the waves on a powerful jet. A motorboat ride in the lake itself will give you the opportunity to explore the shores more closely and enjoy their beauty.


Many people's everyday lives include visits to the gym. Maintaining excellent physical and mental health is extremely important to everyone, thus we have made every effort to give everything essential for our visitors' optimal comfort. The exercise center at Grande Vista Resort & Spa is cutting-edge, with equipment chosen for an excellent overall workout.